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Got me back fighting fit in no time! Thanks again Chris. 


Paddy McGuiness - TV Personality

Chris has helped me massively over the last few months whilst suffering from an injury, his knowledge of human anatomy is extensive and it really shows, he knows his stuff! Chris is a nice guy ever the professional, and he instantly makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Chris if in need of an Osteopath in South East London or the Kent area. 

Joss Mooney- TV Personality/ Fitness Model & Leading Personal trainer 

Chris helps me keep my body functioning correctly to play football to the best of my ability. He is skilled and highly knowledgeable and on top of that he is a great bloke!

James Meredith-Professional footballer for Millwall FC and Australia's National football team, the Socceroo's.  

Chris is a miracle-worker!

Having spent the best part of two years on stage in West End musicals in killer heels - my lower back was paying the price.

What seemed  like a 'quick fix' was actually the start of a healing journey - understanding how to strengthen and protect the body after an injury.

Look no further for fabulous treatment.

Add the practice number to your speed dial. 

You won't regret it.


Sophie-Louise Dann  West End Leading lady

I have been training now for inexcess of 5 years & I can honestly say that during that time I have never suffered from any serious injury "touch wood" that has prevented me from my regular training routine. That being said, the toll that my resistance training has taken on my body is now certainly noticeable & where I neglected thorough warm ups & stretching, I began to suffer with some misalignment & tight muscle discomfort. 

I came to Chris in October 2015, I explained that I had been suffering from some discomfort & misalignment from previous bad habits & a lack of functional movement preparation. Chris was able to assess exactly what was wrong with me & even after the initial treatment I noticed a significant difference in my posture, comfort & even my training. I continued to see Chris on a regular basis & each time my flexibility & movements had improved.

I am extremely passionate about my personal fitness. As a Celebrity Personal trainer- I always strive to encourage people to warm up, cool down, stretch & use proper form. I can not stress enough how much Chris has helped me with his Osteopathy techniques & muscle & tension release deep tissue massage. I would highly recommend Chris !


Callum Melly- Mens Fitness Cover Model & leading Celebrity Personal trainer

Being a competitive figure athlete I push my body extremely hard, always aiming to increase my output and allowing very little time for rest and recovery.

Chris has been treating me through my offseason and now into my competition prep, with a combination of adjustments, deep tissue release and acupuncture in order to release the tension that heavy lifting causes.

My mobility has increased dramatically, especially through my mid-back allowing me to hit my poses so much better.

Chris has helped work through an injury with me which has allowed me to continue my prep rather than have to stop training altogether, I feel incredibly privileged to be treated by Chris and would highly recommend him. His knowledge and skill are second to none and I am looking forward to seeing the changes his treatment will have had on my physique come show day.

Melissa Nicola- Competetive figure athlete, currently ranked 5th in Europe. 

Chris Tempest gentle giant able to bend Iron!!


I first went to see Chris 3 years ago with an inability to look over my right shoulder. I am a children's surgeon and had recently embarked on changing my commuting pattern to cycling to work. 


The repetitive poor posture of operating all day and spending evenings on the bike in the cold rain was taking its toll.


2 years (and a midlife crisis) later I am now a multiple marathon and ironman (swim 2.5 miles, cycle 112 miles, run 26 miles) athlete. I've always been impressed by Chris' gentle, considered and scientific approach to keeping me in top physical condition through all the hardship of endurance training, working as a children's surgeon and having a family of 4 children at home.


As a surgeon I can vouch for his knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I've been amazed at how much better i feel for our monthly 'maintenance' sessions, he's always accommodating at my hectic schedule. 


Meeting Chris has been a game changer for me. He's got a great bedside manner and seems to have no problem moulding iron like putty!


Chris Tempest, gentle giant, bender of Iron you've created an athlete out of a midlife crisis


Dr. Paul Charlesworth 

Senior Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

Ironman & father of 4

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